TRUST in partnerships.

A close collaboration with medical professionals based on mutual trust is a cornerstone of our success.


We benefit from the experience of the surgeons who use our products, and utilize the new insights we gain to develop new products. For everyone’s benefit.

Tailored service modules:

  • LINKademy: When it comes to qualifying physicians and surgeons in the use or our products, we supply a whole range of scientific symposiums, training seminars and visiting surgeon programs at German and internationally leading hospitals.

  • customLINK: Where off-the-shelf products come up short, customized solutions are often the only choice. Our custom-made implants cover a wide range of bone and joint requirements – including designs for unique anatomic and patient size constraints. For more information click here.

  • 3D surgical planning: With our 3D software, we assist you with the detailed preoperative planning for hip joint replacement. Precise 3D assessment of each patient’s individual anatomy enables us to provide personalized hip prostheses.