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Learning from each other for the benefit of patients! That is part of our daily work at LINK and, at the same time, it motivates us every day.

Since 2010 our LINKademy has been contributing to qualifying surgeons in the fields of orthopedics and traumatology by providing high-quality training and education opportunities under realistic conditions.
In order to strengthen the dialog between research and clinical practice, and to maintain the international network between medicine and industry, the LINKademy also organizes scientific symposiums, at which distinguished speakers and trainers elucidate current surgical techniques, clinical results and the latest standards.

... via workshops and clinical visits ...

Amongst our most successful training and education offerings are clinical visits and hands-on workshop, held at internationally recognized hospitals, which are closely tailored to actual clinical practice. There, orthopedic surgeons are able to consult with tutors and experienced users concerning scientific aspects of newly developed prosthetic systems, and to familiarize themselves in detail with their surgical application. We are convinced that this first-hand knowledge transfer plays a decisive part in the high quality and reliability of LINK prosthetic systems.

... via product training for partners and distributors.

Our medical device advisors play a key role in the exchange of information about new products and procedures. This is why LINKademy holds regular practical training sessions for our medical device advisors and our worldwide partners to keep them up to date with all aspects of using LINK prosthetic systems. The participants gain specialist knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to acquire - and this enables them to meet our customers’ demanding expectations.

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