Dear Colleagues,

The key to our success depends on how we manage to bring our behaviour towards ourselves, and our behaviour in daily business with our business partners, in line with all the rules and values that apply to us as a MedTech company.

Therefore, we would like to share our Code of Conduct with our most important basic rules and principles.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct ("Code") applies to the Waldemar Link Group ("LINK"), and all business units with all employees of direct/indirect subsidiaries and affiliates whether they be majority-owned, or otherwise controlled by LINK.

This Code of Conduct represents the standard we set for ourselves and is at the same time an outward commitment to responsible behaviour towards business partners and the public, but also in our dealings with each other within the company. Together we have it in our hands to move forward and act as a role model.

The Board of Management of Waldemar Link GmbH & Co.KG

Download: Code of Conduct: Version 3.0 from 01.04.2023