PROGRESS to perfection.

LINK is known around the world for the quality of its innovative product developments. The company is permantly at the cutting edge of new technologies, taking account of the latest trends while always remaining loyal to its own philosophy and technical standards.


  • Bioharmonious implant design: Our aim is always to enable a natural gait for the patient. To this end, we are continuously enhancing our product designs to accurately reflect the human anatomy and physiology.
  • Metal alloys: Our titanium and cobalt-chromium alloys offer high purity, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and outstanding physical properties that regularly surpass the required standards. This is achieved by means of a proprietary investment casting process.
  • Surface modification: Special processes are employed to create an implant surface with an open-pore, large-cell structure which promotes osteoconduction and allow a stable osseointegration for secondary stability.2 Other innovative surface modifications play an important role, for example in the treatment of patients with hypersensitivity to metal, or to provide protection against biofilm formation in patients at risk of infection.3, 4
  • Three-dimensional structures: The additive manufacturing process makes it possible to achieve complex geometries – such as our new threedimensional TrabecuLink structure, which is used to compensate for bone defects, or in the production of custom-made implants.4 Pore size, porosity and structure depth provide a good basis for optimal bone ingrowth.


  • 2 GLP report 235346 NAMSA, Evaluation of Local Tissue Effects, Performance and Degradation of a Trabecular Structured Implant with CaP Coating following Intra-Osseous Implantation in the Sheep, 2019.
  • 3 Cao H. et al. (2011): Biological actions of silver nanoparticles embedded in titanium controlled by micro-galvanic effects. Biomat, Vol 32, Is 3, 2011, S. 693–705.
  • 4 Some products and coatings may not be offered in all countries, as availability is subject to national licensing requirements.