For most of us, retaining our mobility without pain is essential to leading an independent and active life. That’s why, more then 75 years ago, our founder Waldemar Link forged a powerful bond with orthopedic surgeons from northern Germany and together they engineered new solutions for the problems their patients faced.


Today, LINK is a global player, with a comprehensive portfolio of primary and complex revision products. As a full-line supplier, our trust in clinicians remains as strong as ever – and our innovations remain of world-class quality.

This consistency runs deep in our DNA. LINK is still owner-managed, still based in Hamburg, and we still set new standards in primary and revision arthroplasty of major joints. But while our innovations drive progress, our objectives never change:

  • Enhanced quality of life for patients, with improved, pain-free mobility
  • Highly successful outcomes, even of very complex procedures
  • Excellent patient and physician satisfaction ensured by outstanding long-term results

For more than 75 years, we have strived to enable people who need a joint prothesis to live a normal life, free of pain. Through trust, innovation and progress, we aim to keep it that way.

From left to right: Peter Willenborg, Helmut D. Link, Jörg Stüker