General Information for Use

Instructions for Use Implants

Name: US-H44_003-2022-05-05-s.pdf
Size: 207 KB

Instructions for Use Instruments

Name: US-H50_005-2022-09-s.pdf
Size: 252 KB

Symbols Glossary

Name: OTH-US-000-100-001-2024-03-21_Symbols_Glossary.pdf
Size: 516 KB

UDI US Instruments

Name: OTH-000-200-001-2024-03-21_UDI_US_Instruments.pdf
Size: 2 MB

001-001 - Instructions for use Custom-made Device

Name: IFU-US-001-001-2023-06-07-001-S.pdf
Size: 281 KB

US-99-0055 Vario-Cup System

Name: IFU-US-99-0055-2022-08-25-001-s.pdf
Size: 172 KB

US-H200 - SP-CL Hip Stem

Name: US-H200_004_2022-01-05_s.pdf
Size: 2 MB

US-H201 - LCU Hip System

Name: US-H201_004_2022-01-05_s.pdf
Size: 2 MB

US-H202 - Megasystem-C Version

Name: US-H202_002-2022-05-s.pdf
Size: 198 KB

US-H203 - 719-Endo-Model Standard/ M

Name: US-H203_004-2022-05-03-s.pdf
Size: 195 KB

US-H204 - MP Reconstruction System 004_2021-05

Name: US-H204_004_2021-05_12.pdf
Size: 2 MB

US-H205 - LINK Endo-Model Knee System with LINK PorEx (TiNbN), LINK Sled Knee System with LINK PorEx (TiNbN)

Name: US-H205_005-2022-05-03-s.pdf
Size: 196 KB

US-H208 - LINK BiMobile Dual Mobility System

Name: US-H208_004_2022-02-s.pdf
Size: 204 KB

US-H209 - LINK TrabecuLink Femoral and Tibial Cones

Name: US-H209__003_2022-05-03-s.pdf
Size: 214 KB

US-H213 - IFU MobileLink Acetabular Cup System

Name: US-H213_005_2022-07_s.pdf
Size: 244 KB

US-H214 - IFU GEMINI SL Total Knee System, Version 1.0

Name: US-H214_002_2022-05.pdf
Size: 216 KB

US-H215 - IFU MP Monoblock Hip System Version

Name: US-H215_003-2022-05-s.pdf
Size: 221 KB

US-10-2232-2021-02-02-001 - LINK Finger Splints

Name: IFU-US-10-2232-2021-02-02-001.pdf
Size: 316 KB

US 15-8324 - LINK Endo-Model EVO Knee System

Name: IFU-US-15-8324-2021-09-10-001-s.pdf
Size: 205 KB

US 17-2100 - Link OptiStems

Name: IFU-US-17-2100-2021-09-14-001-s.pdf
Size: 203 KB

US-642 - LINK Embrace Shoulder System - Anatomical Configuration

Name: IFU-US-642-038-005-2023-02-24-s.pdf
Size: 242 KB

US-643 - LINK Embrace Shoulder System - Reverse Configuration

Name: IFU-US-643-236-004-2023-03-10-s.pdf
Size: 245 KB

US-880-010-004-2023-02-02 - LinkSymphoKnee System

Name: IFU-US-880-010-004-2023-02-02-s.pdf
Size: 254 KB