Partnership is the key to achieving a real win-win situation.

This applies both to interactions within the company and contact with the outside world: One can only set a good example for the future by being open to constructive criticism, surprising findings and unconventional solutions. LINK continues to work closely with medical practitioners to benefit from their experience and to develop its products accordingly. This, in turn, makes everyday surgical work simpler and thereby improves surgical outcomes. At LINK, it also goes without saying that the prerequisites for successful cooperation, such as customer care, order processing, consultation, training and surgical support, are subject to continuous optimization. This is the reason why unique service modules have emerged.

The LINKademy is an institution for the qualification of medical personnel and was initiated to further enhance the expertise of all LINK partners - from leading surgeons through to the surgical teams. The LINKademy offers numerous training opportunities in a variety of areas, such as symposiums, hands-on workshops and visiting surgeon programs.

Good to know: Many of the training events organized by the LINKademy are officially recognized by the German Medical Association so that training points, of which physicians are legally obliged to provide proof, are awarded for attendance.