Only perfect materials ensure the perfect foundations for a perfect product.

The company’s own investment foundry, VACUCAST, develops first-class titanium and cobalt-base alloys with a high level of biocompatibility, corrosion-resistance, material purity as well as excellent physical properties. Above and beyond this, LINK has made a name for itself with its innovative material developments and surface coatings. For example:

  • E-Dur UHMWPE: Highly cross-linked ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene enriched with vitamin E for increased oxidation resistance with improved material strength and abrasion properties.
  • Special plasma-spray surface coatings with an open-pored structure. Electrochemical processes for improved and greater mechanical strength for implants - such as the HX coating made from rapidly soluble calcium phosphate and the TiCaP double coating made from titanium and calcium phosphate
  • Innovative surface modifications for very specific demands - such as LINK PorEx technology and others that are being continuously developed and researched