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From the scalpel through to development of the Schuchardt dermatome, Küntscher nail and Buck-Gramcko hand surgery instruments: Waldemar Link used his extensive know-how to always stay one step ahead of the competition. The company’s visionary founder recognized that close practical cooperation with medical experts was both fundamental to successful product developments and a guarantee of their success.

LINK was founded on January 1, 1948 in Hamburg as a dealer for hospital supplies and soon established itself as a specialist for new surgical instruments developed in close cooperation with surgeons. But company founder Waldemar Link was not satisfied with this success. So, in 1963, the first German total hip prosthesis was presented, whose acetabular cup was developed in collaboration with Professor Hans Wilhelm Buchholz - Medical Director of the Second Surgical Department of the St. Georg Hospital in Hamburg, which also gave its name to this revolutionary implant. The St. Georg Model broke new ground in joint prosthetics and paved the way for other innovations over the following years, again in cooperation with respected physicians and surgeons.

In order to keep up with the constant growth, LINK opened a large, modern production plant in Norderstedt at the end of the 1970s. Always been ahead of its time, this innovative company offered comprehensive training packages for physicians with informative surgery films as standard.

Whilst development and production are still based mainly in Norderstedt near Hamburg, this international prosthesis and instrument manufacturer now has numerous subsidiaries and distributors all over the world. LINK has been operating its own investment foundry, VACUCAST, in Berlin since 1997. With this foundry, a seamless monitoring system is in place, from the production of liquid metal for use in arthroplasty for human medicine through to the finished implant. In order to satisfy growing demand in Asia, a production facility was opened in China in 2008. This site is under German management and is subject to corresponding quality standards. Today, LINK stands for first-class quality, new product innovations and continuous further developments for primary solutions and tailor-made special implants, with the focus on hip, knee, tumor and revision arthroplasty. Whilst the company, of course, monitors the latest trends closely, it always pursues its own philosophies and research findings, and regards its top-most priority as long-term treatment success for patients. So it’s hardly surprising that LINK products impress with exceptional registry data (for more details refer to “Approach to quality”) and give patients real hope of an active life with a prosthetic joint.

Our objective is to enable even more people to enjoy a pain-free life with maximum mobility in the future. To achieve this, LINK works continuously on optimization in every area. We invest heavily not only in production and research into new materials and surface finishes, but also in the development of emerging growth markets. The focus is also on improved training opportunities for physicians. Workshops, user training sessions, visiting surgeon programs and symposiums are offered in order to provide optimal support and facilitate day-to-day surgical work. This, furthermore, ensures close practical cooperation, which is the basis for continuously improving our implants and instruments and thus creating a win-win situation from which everyone benefits, in particular the patient, the surgeon and our company.

Yet, regardless of how ambitious our expansion goals may seem, we never lose sight of our core values so that profitable and organic growth can be achieved from within. True to the motto: with genuine enthusiasm and passion, anything is possible.