To achieve boundless innovation, you have got to think beyond borders.

LINK has a clear vision: Every single person in the world should have the option of receiving a first-class prosthetic joint if needed.

With this vision in mind, the company has been represented on all five continents since the 1970s and has remained committed to cross-border expansion even though international sales present numerous additional challenges, such as different healthcare systems, local product approval and currency exchange rate changes.

As a result of the early internationalization of the company, LINK products have been included in joint prosthesis registers for decades. Since LINK products have always achieved exceptional survival rates, the continuously above-average results in these registers served, in turn, to enhance the company's international profile.

Given the broad range comprising both standard and premium products, the German arthroplasty specialist is able to satisfy all demands, also in terms of price, and to serve all markets. LINK is set to build on its market leadership in China and elsewhere: the company is additionally committed to ensuring that Germany retains its international reputation for quality in other emerging growth markets such as South America and India, and that, in the future, the label “Made in Germany” remains a mark of distinction that creates confidence.